Mosque project

Project Description

In the design, it is aimed to express the structural elements that reflect the architectural character of Mardin city such as terracing, use of semi-open space, portico solutions, and create solutions compatible with topography and climate in a modern architectural language. The mosque mass is placed on the south line, which is the highest point of the land, and the service areas, lodging and other areas of the mosque are placed on the terraces at lower elevations formed gradually. Thus, the mosque mass, which has a symbolic design, was tried to be perceived from both the upper and lower elevations. The connection between the elevations is provided by natural walkways as far as the slope of the land allows, and stairs and elevators in other section. The fountain, other service areas and the funeral prayer area are designed in the lower courtyard. The pool element, one of the important elements of Mardin architecture, was used in the upper courtyard and integrated with the fountain placed on the western facade of the mosque. In the facade design of the mosque mass, the dome detail of the Mardin Kasımiye madrasa was interpreted with a modern architectural language (Figure 1). The part of the axis with portico, created on the four facades of the mosque, on the entrance facade of the mosque was designed as the last congregation area

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  • Architectural Conseptual Project

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